4 Tips To Handle Anxiety When Facing NEW


I’m sorry that I haven’t posted that much lately. That was not my original plan. It´s just that my autumn has been (and will be) full of new things. Besides moving to the countryside I´ve worked a lot so that I could also blog in the future and inspire you to feel better in new ways.  And offer you some new exciting content in saimaalife.com.

Doing and learning something new is exciting. But it´s also terrifying and scary sometimes. That’s a natural reaction to us humans. So I’ve had my share of those feelings too. It’s crucial that we deal with such emotions so they won’t prevent us from pursuing our goals.

Here are 4 tips that have helped me to handle my anxiety and nervousness in front of new things.


This happened in August. It was so nice to meet Anna, Tatiana, Karina and Ekaterina and tell them about my blog! My presentation didn´t go exactly how I had planned, but in the end it included many unexpected positive things.

1. Remember that it´s OK to be nervous and feel anxious in front of new

ALL people feel nervous in front of new situations. It´s a human feature and built in our biology. Accept your nervousness but don´t let it prevent you from doing new things. Just breathe deep and it all goes well!


This September has been all about planning. I get anxious with excels, but I believe in good planning. Well planned is half done 🙂

2. The first time is always the hardest

The second a bit easier, the third much easier, and so on. It will get easier all the time because along the way you naturally learn to handle your anxiety. It’s about repetition. Have courage to face the new over and over again and don’t give up!


Also our youngest one has started part-time day care now. I’m happy to get 3 full work days per week but anxious because every day I´ve been managed to do less than what I´ve planned. I need to keep on practising…

3. Remember that no matter what you´re learning, it always takes time

An old Finnish saying goes “No one is a blacksmith when they are born.” It means that no one can be expected to be an expert at something before they are given a chance to practice it. The whole life is about learning. Everything new takes time to do, learn and to get used to. So be patient with yourself!


There will be also videos in saimaalife.com in the future!!!! I´m so excited about it but anxious about the amount of work, planning, new skills and technique that they require.

4. Remember to arrange time and energy for new

All new things take more energy and time than the things that you already know and are familiar with. If there´s something that you can take out from your to do-list when your life includes lots of new, it´s worth doing it. Seek simplicity and you´ll avoid getting exhausted. It´s all for the good of your wellbeing!

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