I tried headstand for the first time with the help of my yoga teacher in 2011.

How unnatural and hard! I thought back then. This is so NOT my thing.

Still I started to practice it (because it was my next yoga asana to learn).

Then I got pregnant and almost two years went by.

In 2013 I started to practice headstand again. After I had read that headstand is "the king of all yoga asanas". And after my friend had told that she had started to sleep better after learning how to do it. And after daily pain in my legs had become my everyday companion (I always feel sleep debt first in my legs). So I started to accustom myself to be my head upside down but still my feet firmly on the floor.

In 2014 I finally had courage to lift my legs totally up. Even thought I did it against the wall it was a big thing for me. The biggest thing was that, against my expectations, it felt natural.

While standing there my head against the floor and my legs pointing the ceiling I felt how all the tiredness flowed away from my feet. And when I came down all that I felt in my mind was peace and calmness. Amazed by the incredible feeling I said to myself: Damn, I´m gonna learn this all the way!

In January 2015 I did it for the first time: headstand without any kind of support.

After that it has become a thing that I do every day at some point. I do it because I want to. Because the feeling in my body and mind is just so good after that. I feel energetic but calm. I´m addicted to that feeling!


I turn 35 this year.

For the first time I notice that my aging makes me to do things. I want to show to myself that I´m still capable. Capable of doing everything I want.

In the battle against the negative effects of aging it´s important to have ways that help you to keep your body & mind strong and active.

Today I realized that to me learning headstand actually means getting ready for aging.

It helps me to feel alive. It makes me strong, calm and capable.

It's a great way to keep me in a good shape both mentally and physically.

I´m so happy that I didn´t give up back in 2011!



A moment when there is no stimulation for your senses.  When nothing moves at your sight. A moment of stillness and quietness.

A moment when all your senses can rest for a while. I think that everyone one of us should have a chance to enjoy that kind of a moment every day.

That would be a simple way to feel better. To feel less stressed. And to live more mindfully.


After moving to countryside I´ve personally experienced what daily dose of peace and silence can do for you.

Your blood pressure is naturally lower when there is less hustle and bustle around you. 


The less there are things that distract your senses, the better chances you have to concentrate on what you´re doing right now. And to save energy for relevant things.

Simplicity is good for us in so many ways. That´s what I thought today when I watched the peaceful and silent lake scenery for a moment while working on this post.


Moment of simplicity is treasure worth seeking.

Every single day. 


Last year brought many good things to my life. Sauna Yoga was one of them.

The plan was to start my Sauna Yoga lessons in the beginning of this year but sometimes life doesn´t go according to plan. A change in plans has not stopped me from taking all the possible joy out of my new skills though.

I´ve never had any special skills that I could have used to spread the joy around me. Like I´ve said I don´t play any instrument, I´m not good at singing and I don´t have passion for crafts.

But now I have Sauna Yoga.


Sauna Yoga has become my way to delight my friends and our visitors.  It has been my pleasure to offer them a chance to try out this simple but so wonderful form of yoga at our lakeside sauna.

Many have tried and all have enjoyed!

Couple of weeks ago we had Hecktic Travels as our quest (posts about their visit coming up). I instructed Sauna Yoga to Pete and became so happy to see that he was able to get some new energy and relaxation with the help of Sauna Yoga. Just like I.


We all have our own ways to enjoy life. And sometimes we just need to find out what they are.

And when we do that, we need to spread the joy around us.

Because that´s the way to double our joy. By making others happy.

And to achieve a deep state of wellbeing and happiness.

Mari ❤ SaimaaLife


It´s time to start the second chapter in the life of saimaalife.com 1st of June.

Click here to read more what these two photos mean...


I can´t wait for June!

And especially I can´t wait JULY because then it´s time for this...


The daytime is getting longer here in the North, the sun feels warmer on my face and my head is fuller than ever with new ideas for saimaalife.com.

It´s good to continue from here!

Mari ❤ SaimaaLife

In 2015 I will concentrate more on natural and healthy food. I made my decision last autumn and started to look for recipes. After searching for some time, I got really annoyed because A) recipes were too complicated and/or B) recipes included many expensive ingredients.

Recipes that are simple, inexpensive and delicious. In other words recipes with good quality-price ratio. That´s what I wanted. But it was difficult. Well, then I need to modify and simplify them a bit by myself, I thought.


Overnight oats. Let´s start with that. You can blend all kinds of ingredients with them and end up making yourself very expensive breakfast. But you don´t need to. You can KEEP IT SIMPLE. This recipe is our family´s favorite at the moment.

Note! Instead of blueberries you can use any kind of berries that are easily available for you. We have plenty of wild blueberries in our freezer so we use them.

Another note! I´ve tested this recipe with cow milk, almond milk, oat milk and soy milk. All worked well. In the end it´s a matter of taste which one you prefer.

All in all, more simple but delicious recipes coming up at saimaalife.com.

As soon as I find or make them up ;)








Mari ❤ SaimaaLife