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Studies have shown nature, in all of its forms, positively impacts our physical and mental health. In our too full and digitalized world nature connection recovers and heals. It helps to process our thoughts and emotions, and enables us to see the meaningful. Nature around us opens the connection to our inner human and personal nature. It helps to hear our own voice, strengthens our self-knowledge and self-esteem, gives compassion and courage, and supports finding answers and innovations. Nature is good for us, our work and our relationships. Nature opens a path from stress to balance and to all simple and natural ways to feel more sustainable and better. 

I help you deepen your connection to nature both outside and inside of you – so you can gain the wisdom and power to better use them in your everyday life, and for the good of your health and happiness. Welcome to finding your nature and have a piece of life in Saimaa!

Mari, Finland

“SaimaaLife has given me so much! Mari has taught me how to simplify and streamline my own life. I´ve learned about integration of nature into daily life and importance of connection and making time and space for my own wellbeing.”


“Mari has a humane and genuine touch as a trainer and lecturer. Personal experiences in her speech create feelings of identification. It’s easier to learn new things when you listen to Mari.” 


“My courage to live on my own life has grown through reading Mari´s book “Find your nature”. She gives so many messages to accept myself. I’ve heard her words; Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t ever forget that you are valuable and enough as such in each moment. Trust and follow your heart and intuition. Grow in your own rhythm and in your own way.”



”I had the privilege of attending Mari’s shinrin-yoku class. It was a remarkable experience! The workshop took place in a breathtaking forest that showcased the beauty of different seasons. Mari was an excellent trainer bringing the forest to life. Her instructions and guidance helped me to appreciate the healing power of nature. I learned valuable techniques that I will carry with me on my own future walks in nature.”


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Yoku = Bathing

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