More Natural Elements Mean Less Stress


Winter is on its way. The weather gets colder slowly but surely and the evenings grow dark. How to prevent the same from happening to your mood too?

Bring nature in

A year ago our family moved to the countryside. Soon after that it became clear that we felt more relaxed in our new house than in our old city apartment.

But it was not just us. Our quests also found themselves wondering how stress just seemed to fade away while watching those old deadwood walls of our home.

more natural elements mean less stress

I lay on the floor and looked up every time I finished my yoga practise. It was amazing how natural light so vividly revealed the hues of the ceiling and made it almost alive. It was different every time.

And finally one day I decided that this is a topic I want to get into – natural elements and their connection to our wellbeing. 


The interview of Libby Burton, deceased professor of Sustainable Building Design and Wellbeing was the first piece of information I came across. After that it was the research about “Appearance Wood Products and Psychological Wellbeing” and many many more.


The result in all studies seemed to be that there were a connection between natural elements and humans. It was just a bit difficult to scientifically verify it.

more natural elements mean less stress just try it

Because I’m kind of a researcher myself too I decided to put up my own little study; I started adding natural elements to our home.

I set all dried mushrooms and heather bells on the shelves so that I was able to see them daily.

I brought kale leaves from to the vegetable garden to the kitchen table.

I dug up a linen cloth from the storage and put it on the dining table.

I did all kinds of small things. But I didn’t just do them. After every change I consciously compared the old and new look and thought how the changes had affected me.

I was now sure that bringing nature inside one way or another made me feel better. Less stressed and more relaxed, both mentally and physically.


Then one day I was leaving home. I was about to grab my keys when I saw that our 2-year-old had brought her “power stone” inside.

I took the stone and held it in my hand while watching outside.


“This must be that unverified part”, I laughed. “Hard to explain scientifically, but something that just makes you feel good.”  

Studies are good and sometimes necessary. But sometimes… Sometimes it’s enough to trust your feelings and not ask “why?”.


So now we’re not only having flowers and linen cloth on the dining table. We also have stones on our tables. And not just any stones. They’re power stones that our 2-year-old has chosen to keep bringing in.

So that she will always have one to put in her pocket when she leaves home. To make her feel good and safe. 

And so that there’s one for me too. To make me feel good and safe.

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