360° SaimaaLife Winter

Get to know what it looks like in Saimaa and at our home in wintertime!

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Welcome to follow seine fishing done by local Finnish fishermen, Ilu and Olli, in Lake Puruvesi in Punkaharju! This was such a unique experience for our family and especially happy we were to be able to offer this experience to our Japanese guest. I truly appreciate these fishermens’ work because no matter the weather (which can be pretty harsh here in the north her ein Finland), these guys head out to the lake fishing so that local people can enjoy fresh catch of the day!

This is something very traditional and fun today! It’s “napakelkka”, kind of a sleigh carousel that goes around so fast that you’re having troubles staying on board. You don’t see that often anymore but when you do, it’s best to take your chances and hop on!

Putting fishing nets under the ice is quite a job. But it is all worth it when you see how happy the children are to when we catch some fish!

We like to be out on the lake. A lot! Usually it is summer time activity but this time we went on our favourite Island by snowmobile.

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