360° SaimaaLife Summer

Get to know what it looks like in Saimaa and at our home in summertime!

Summer is finally here! It took very long for all the greenness to arrive in Saimaa this year, but now it’s here, and it looks as amazing as every year! I don’t want to go inside, I just want to breathe in this green energy and the brightness of Finnish summer nights!

Life is better at the lake! Sun is shining, children are singing and so is my heart too. Boating in Saimaa is the best thing we know 🙂

Some go to Hawaii Beaches, some to Saimaa beaches. Lake Puruvesi and Petri island. That’s the place to meet family Pennanen!

Finnish summer day in Saimaa is made out of swimming, chilling, grilling sausages and having sauna. Simple lakeside cottage life makes a good holiday!

“When life gives you lemonades, make lemon juice” I was about to go for a morning run, but nature decided my exercise to be something else! (Luckily the summer storm didn’t take away our fishing boat last night)

This beginning of summer in Finland has been SO cold! That’s why we were so happy this morning to see the sun, because today I spent the mother-daughter day with our youngest ones. We cycled to the grandma’s, visited the cow house and ate ice-cream outdoors while laying in the grass. Luxurious!

40 km of cycling behind. I cycled from Punkaharju to Savonlinna to visit my friend and have one work meeting. Of course, on my way to the town I needed to stop on this bridge to take you a photo of this view. I think this is one of the best places in Savonlinna to photographph our world-famous Olavinlinna castle!

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