360° SaimaaLife Spring

Get to know what it looks like in Saimaa and at our home in springtime!

It’s spring, it’s raking time! No snow in the yard, but the lake is still frozen. I wonder how long it still takes so that I’m able to swim in the lake for the first time. I know that the water will be FREEZING but the feeling afterwards is heavenly!

My husband and children came to island with the snowmobile, I came by cross-country skiing. Exercising feels good, but so does the first warming sunbeams after a long winter!

Easter is here! We have eaten so much Finnish “Mämmi” already so we decided to make some homemade hamburgers for a change 😉

Spring is the best time in Saimaa to see the world-famous Saimaa ringed seal. We saw that today when we were making lake safari with SaimaaHoliday Oravi. Wuhuu!

It’s time to launch our boat home to Saimaa and lake Puruvesi! 

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