360° SaimaaLife Autumn

Get to know what it looks like in Saimaa and at our home in autumn!

Heating up smoke sauna and having sauna is always nice, but in autumn when the weather starts to get colder after summertime, there’s something special when you feel the warmth of sauna. It is somehow comforting.

In November evenings are already really dark and nature is ready for the winter. All that can feel quite depressing but I’ve notice that then it’s just importaNt to look for other things that can bring you joy. Like I like to put a lot candles in the evenings, and make some warm tea. Also giving a thought already to Christmas is really nice!

Lake has started to freeze so definitely winter is coming soon 🙂

All forest berries and mushrooms are in the freezer (or dried) and all veggies from the vegEtable garden are the root cellar. My mom has also made a lot of homemade juice for us. With all this food from nature we have no problem to survive over the winter 😉

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