I love it and I hate it. Creativity. Or actually it’s the creative process that I´m talking about. Creativity is a wonderful thing but the process of creating…well, that can be painful. Or very difficult at least.

When I started my blog I didn´t even realize that my blog would have something to do with creativity. I just decided to start to make my kind of a blog. Even that I didn’t know what my kind was. Now I´ve noticed that I´m deck-deep in a creative process. And I love it! But I also hate it.

If I have learned something about creativity while doing my blog, it must be this: creativity needs time and space to be born. And guess how much time you have or how easy it is to arrange time in the middle of everyday life with two small children… :)


 Simple living supports creativity…

How can I arrange time for creativity in the middle of a hectic family life?

The most important thing has been eliminating meaningless things from my life.  That gives more space in my head and time in my calendar for creativity.

Over the time I’ve become quite efficient in organizing family life. It has helped me a lot but with creativity it´s often a burden. You can´t force yourself to be creative. You just can’t decide that now I’m going to be creative for the next half an hour. Efficiency undermines creativity. In the worst case scenario you can kill creativity with efficiency. So I´m learning to let go and relax and make space in my calendar when I need to do something that will probably involves creativity.

As we all know learning something new is always difficult. And the older you´ll get, the more difficult it seems to get. We are creatures of habits. That makes me say that I hate creative process. It´s simply because it´s so new to me and I feel irritated because I`m just a beginner in it.


…and creativity supports wellbeing

What then motivates me to continue, learn creativity and stand the pain that it´s causing to me?

It´s because I´ve noticed that giving yourself a possibility to be creative is a great way to improve your wellbeing! When you’re able to be creative there are so many good emotions and feelings flowing through you.

I love creativity because when I`m able to create something new it’s like tasting a piece of the sweetest chocolate. I feel the endorphin rushing through my mind and body. For example, it gives me so much satisfaction and happiness to be able to make a photo and words match perfectly together. To feel that this is just the way I want it to be.

The more painful and longer the creative process has been, the sweeter is the aftertaste of it. It’s such a great feeling to see an idea turning into something concrete by your hands. To see something totally new emerging out of nowhere.

I’m encouraged to continue the process of simplifying my life. Because by getting more time and space for being creative, I can enjoy more pieces of that sweetest everlasting chocolate slab. :) And I don´t need to feel guilty for eating it. No matter how much I have!


The photos in this posts are examples of the creative process that I´ve gone through lately. They are the part of the work I´m doing to renew my blog. More is coming in the near future ;)

Mari ❤ SaimaaLife

I´m quite an active person. I need to get my body moving in one way or another on a daily basis. At least a bit, like this or this. Otherwise I’ll be soon climbing the walls. I get cranky and that´s not good for the wellbeing of anyone.

As a working mother I have a common problem with exercise. Often it’s the lack of time. At times it’s the lack of energy that prevents me from getting enough exercise.

Being active in my everyday life and excercising at home with the children help. But I´ve noticed that it´s not enough. I need something more. I need to sweat at least once a week. And I need a chance to do that by myself.

I´ve learned to dig up opprtunities to do that and now I’ve found the one that I´m really happy about!

We made a deal with my mom. From now on, every time I´m visiting my parents with our girls, I am the one who does the morning and evening work at their cow house. My mom on the other hand is the one who´s taking care of the girls.

Our deal is great for many reasons. Why?

  • Because it gives me an opportunity to take care of the wellbeing of my body & mind. I´m able to get some exercise. And I´m able to spend a while alone and do something that I love to do in peace and without hurry (Read: I can rest a while).
  • Because it gives my mom an opportunity to be with her grandchildren. In other words to do something that she loves to do. When I work at the cow house, it means also less work for my mom.
  • Because it gives our children an opportunity to play and spend time with their grandma. To do something that they love to do.

Our deal is a Win-Win deal for the wellbeing of all of us – for me, my mom and our girls. It’s perfect!

So 2,5 hours working at the cowhouse in the morning and the same 2,5 hours in the evening. That´s what made me feel great this day, both physically and mentally!

Search for Win-Win deals for your wellbeing. That is my advice for all working mothers today.

Win-Win deals help you to be well, and they also help other people involved to be well too!













Mari ❤ SaimaaLife

Think about a moment in your life when you were able to be totally present. When you just floated in the moment without thinking about this and that. When you were totally open to life as it was.

It doesn’t matter how much time has passed since. You´re probably still able to remember the moment and feel it with all your senses. You remember the feelings, the sounds and the scents vividly. It may have been a peaceful moment with your child on your lap, a  moment of love with your spouse or a beautiful moment in nature without hurry.

I experienced that kind of moment in my life this day while watching the sunset. There I was. Just was. I think that kind of moments are the best moments in life. I want to have them more in my life, much more.

I want to live a mindful life because that kind of life is the best life for my wellbeing.


Mari ❤ SaimaaLife

In my last post I told you about my recipe for Natural Wellbeing. The one that I found through my Wellbeing Challenge.

It was a process of asking questions from myself and finding the answers with the help of my different wellbeing ways. I didn´t plan to find a recipe for natural wellbeing, but unconsciously, I think that was what I was looking for. And I´m so happy about it because it helped me to find my way to better wellbeing!

After realizing how it worked for me I started to think that it could work for others too. That´s why I decided to open up the process a little bit, hoping that it would help you to find your own answers and ways to better wellbeing too! So here it comes…

Search your own answers

QUESTION 1: How can I be well and pursue a balanced and happy life as a working mother?

When I was jogging in naturecooking at home without hurry, snuggling up with my daughter in bed, spending relaxed time with my familytaking care of our vegetable garden, having healthy foodsitting in a sauna and spending balanced everyday life filled with good routines I found that…

The most important thing for my wellbeing is the quality of my everyday life.


QUESTION 2: What does the quality of everyday life mean to me?

When I participated my husband´s fishing hobbymet my friends, spend time with my little sister, spend a pyjama day with my familybaked homemade bread with our girls, worked for our family´s food, had time to do things that I enjoy and promoted things that go together with my values I found that…

Most of all the quality of everyday life means time and energy for things and people that are meaningful and dear to me. The ability to concentrate on them brings me wellbeing and happiness the most.


QUESTION 3: How can I find the things that mean the most to me?

When I lived boat life in Puruvesi lake, spent time in nature, stopped to admire the beauty of my home region, lived a simple life on an island, took a walk in the countryside nearby my childhood home, felt the purifying wind on my skin and went to the water I found that the most meaningful things to me are…

Finding the connection to myself and spending time in a place where I´m as free as possible from all the expectations and cultural pressures that prevent me from hearing and recognizing my voice.


QUESTION 4: What is the best place for me to hear my own voice?

When I  visited a beautiful forest,  picked up wild blueberriespicked up mushroomstook a small walk outdoor alone, watched the clouds floating slowly by, went canoeing, excercised in a jogging track, did fishing with my family I found that it is…


Find ways to be in nature that feel good for you. Take care of your physical and mental wellbeing by being in nature. Let nature´s beauty and silence help you to find the connection to yourself.


QUESTION 5: What I need to do then when I´ve found the connection to myself?

When I learnt to understand the effects of my nation´s history on megot to know the roots of my childhood,  thought about my life situation,  thought about my motherhood,  learned to express my emotions betterdid my ashtanga yoga practice, thought about different sides in me and made one of my dreams come true I found that after finding the connection to yourself it´s important to…


Learn to recognize the messages that your body and mind are trying to say to you. They will tell you what you should do to feel better and achieve a better quality of everyday life. Learn to know yourself thoroughly; your roots, history, personality, likes and dislikes, dreams. Find the answer to the question Who am I?


QUESTION 6: What then, when I know what I should do? When I know what the quality of life is to me and what things are the most meaningful to me and my wellbeing?

When I started to put plans into action, omitted needless things in my life, learned to prioritizedid things that we had found to be best for our family, learned to recognize the meaningful things in my life, cherished traditions that are meaningful to me,  thought about different elements of wellbeing, started to act for deep state of wellbeing and took responsibility of my life and had courage to grow I found that after that the crucial thing is to…


If you just think and plan and don´t act, nothing changes in your life and your wellbeing and quality of everyday life doesn´t get any better. You need to start to eliminate the things that waste your time and energy and are meaningless to you. And you need to start to do more things that bring you wellbeing and spend more time with people that make you happy. You need to start your journey towards more balanced, relaxed and sustainable way of life!


QUESTION 7: What´s the most important thing? If I should pick one of these three? Which one would it be?

When I had time just to belived and enjoyed simplier life, acknowledged the time, was present and totally enjoyed of a beautiful moment in my lifehad quality time with my family by the lake,  had a possibility to seize the moment, had time to find the real reasons behind my anxiety and worked to get rid of them and had time and energy to get to know myself and grew to accept myself I found that the most important thing is…

Simplifying your life! Because if your life is too full, you don´t have time to be in nature or learn to know yourself. You´re too busy to hear all the messages that your body and mind are sendin. And you don’t have time  to do anything about them. And you´re too stressed to learn to be more mindful and present in your life.

That´s why I think simplifying your life is the most important thing that you can do for your wellbeing!

Mari ❤ SaimaaLife

365 ways to wellbeing – What did I find?

My Wellbeing Challenge 2013 – 365 ways to wellbeing is over. It´s time to tell what I found during the year. My goal was to find 365 different ways to take care of my wellbeing as a working mother.

The Recipe for Natural Wellbeing - That´s what I found. I learnt something that interweaves all the small, big, concrete, abstract, physical and mental insights that I got during my Wellbeing Challenge.

I found a wellbeing model for a balanced, relaxed and sustainable way of life. A way to a life that is based on nature, self-knowledge and simplicity. The kind of a lifestyle that will help me to improve the wellbeing of my mind and body in the future.



The Recipe for Natural Wellbeing in a nutshell




3 Key elements – Being in nature, Listening to your body & mind and Simplifying your life

I found those three to be the most important elements for better wellbeing and quality of everyday life.

Those elements work for all, but it’s the content that’s different for each one of us. When you find your content and make it to be part of your everyday life, you´re on a way to a positive cycle. And that will benefit your wellbeing in the long run.

A human being is a sum of many things. Wellbeing of our body and mind work together in many complex ways. Different kinds of emotional gridlocks and tensions cause physical ailments, diseases and harmful behavior patterns in us.

During my Wellbeing Challenge getting connected to myself with the help of nature´s silence and beauty, learning to listen to the messages that my body and mind were sending to me and starting to simplify my life helped me to see the obstacles on my way to wellbeing.

With the help of nature, self-knowledge and simplicity I was able to get a step closer to a state in my life where I can concentrate more on maintaining my wellbeing. And not just chasing after it constantly.



Better balance in life means more relaxed mind & body

Wellbeing and balanced life is impossible if our life is too full and busy. To be well, we need less. The less things you have in your life, the easier it is for you to relax. In nature´s silence I´ve been able to hear my own voice and find the things that are most meaningful to me.

Listening more carefully to my body and mind I´ve found the answer on What I should do to feel better?. By simplifying my life I´ve been able to remove meaningless things in my life and have more time and energy for meaningful ones. And altogether I´ve achieved a better balance. A life that includes less things, quality things that really affect to my wellbeing in a positive way.

Balance makes relaxation possible. The more relaxed you feel, the better your mind and body function. The balance and relaxation becomes a part of your work, family life and marriage too. You´re able to be more patient, more creative, more efficient, more positive, more motivated and most of all, more present in your life. And you have more sense of humor and resilience to work with all the dullness of everyday life and challenges that you face.

Being in nature supports relaxation. The silence, the beauty, the rhythms and sounds help you to relax. The deeper peace you have with yourself and the more you are able to be the person who you really are, the easier it is for you to be relaxed.



A way to sustainability - Have more quality than quantity

When we are stressed and busy, we are shortsighted and our attention is in ourselves. Headache makes you think about just your headache, and you´ll forget to ask your husband how he’s doing.

When we feel balanced and relaxed we are able to be persistent and make long-term decisions, sustainable decisions. When we feel mentally and physically well, we can concentrate and be present to other people better. And help them to be well and get joy out of helping and being with them.

Being in nature has made me to realize the meaning of sustainable decisions for better wellbeing. I´ve realized how I´m a human being, a piece of nature and a part of its circulation. Getting to know myself as a human being and the biology of life has made me to realize how deeply the wellbeing of myself and nature is interconnected. How all kinds of sustainable choices are the best choices for both my wellbeing and the wellbeing of nature. 

After realizing the bigger picture of life and the amount of wisdom that nature and human beings are having inside them, I´ve learnt to appreciate life more. My willingness to pursue a simpler life has got stronger. I do not want to waste time, energy or money anymore, but to make best out of life.

Have more quality than quantity and in that way improve the wellbeing of myself, other people and nature in a sustainable way for us all.



At the center – A lifestyle that improves the quality of your everyday life

The quality of everyday life. That´s the key. I found that when you´re able to improve the quality of your everyday life, your level of wellbeing improves along.

A possibility to sleep well, be healthy, feel relaxed, spend time with our families and friends and be present in our lives directly affects the quality of our everyday life. They’re the same for all of us.

But there are also personal preferences. We all have things that are meaningful for us. For one it´s baking, for another handicrafts and for some fashion. They are your personal sources of wellbeing, beautiful details of your life that will bring you a lot of joy.

I found that to be well and happy you need take both into account, common and personal. You have to find your own answer to the question “What does good quality of everyday life mean to me?” 


The kind of good quality everyday life that I’m talking about is a big luxury in the modern world which cannot be achieved and maintained easily. The quality of our everyday life is often buried under our too full and busy lives. We don´t have time to notice the sources of wellbeing in our everyday life and we don’t have energy to enjoy them. When our calendar becomes full of stuff to do, the tension and anxiety increases too. And they prevent us from feeling balanced and achieving sustainable wellbeing.

There is life in every single day, not just during the holidays. To be well and happy you need to get your wellbeing ways as a part of your everyday life. You need to base your life on things that are meaningful to you and that improve the quality of your everyday life.

The best thing for your wellbeing is a way of life that will help you to be well and happy without you always needing to take time off to take care of your wellbeing. You can just live your life and it will take care of your wellbeing in itself.  That´s what I found.


Inspiration for Natural Wellbeing in SaimaaLife blog


How do I take care of my wellbeing and pursue a balanced life as a working mother has been the main question in my blog all the time. I´m going to search the answers to that question also in the future in my blog.

My Wellbeing Challenge 2013 was something totally different than I expected. It was more challenging than I thought but also more rewarding. Altogether, I felt that my Wellbeing Challenge helped me to take a big step forward on my way to better wellbeing and happiness. I´m so so excited about my recipe for Natural Wellbeing and all the positive effects that it has had on me already now! There is no doubt I want to continue developing it and inspire you to try it too!

Nature, beauty, family, food, work and growth are the topics that are close to my heart. Inspiration and advices for better quality of everyday life. Ideas and practical examples how to be in nature, learn to listen to your body and mind and simplify your life. Stories and thoughts about How I do it in practice? How I as a working mother, balance work, family life and myself? What are the sources of my wellbeing? How do I find time and energy for meaningful things in my life? That´s what SaimaaLife is going to be in the future.

During my Wellbeing Challenge I thought a lot about You my dear readers. I also got a lot of new ideas for my blog but had not time to make them happen. Yet. During this year I´m going to try these ideas and new ways to inspire you and help you to find your ways to feel better. I´m also making some changes to my blog, add something and take something out. Simplify and sharpen it a bit. And make it more beautiful and fun for you to follow. I´m happy to get a feedback when you´ll start to see the changes!

One post per day for a mother with small children is a lot. From now on I don´t post on a daily basis, but regularly yes. Weekly definitely! If you want to hear more about me than just read my posts, I recommend you to like my SaimaaLife Facebook pages. I publish extra photos about my everyday life and share thoughts that have helped me to feel better and happier.

I want to thank you all who followed my Wellbeing Challenge! Your support, comments and e-mails meant a world to me. Without them and my husband´s help I wouldn´t have managed to finish my Wellbeing Challenge! THANK YOU!


 Mari ❤ SaimaaLife